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   Keynote Speakers                                                          Invited Speaker

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels US Energy Security
and Global Warming
- Myths and Facts, Conflicts and Synergies
The Roadmap to
21st Century Energy- Driven Prosperity

John Hofmeister

 John Hofmeister

Founder and Chief Executive 
Citizens for Affordable Energy 
Washington, DC 
Former President, Shell OilCompany
Houston, Texas



Richard Muller

Richard A. Muller

Professor of Physics
University of California Berkeley,
Senior Scientist at the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory
Founder of Berkeley Earth

Alex Epstein Photo

Alex Epstein

Founder and President for the Center for Industrial Progress

Session Speakers
Session I
Integrated Energy

Session II
Unconventional Fuels

Session III
Sustainable and
Renewable Energy

Michael Webber
Deputy Director of the
Energy Institute; Josey
Centennial Fellow in Energy
Resources; Co-Director of the
Clean Energy Incubator and
Associate Professor of
Mechanical Engineering at
The University of Texas at Austin



Harvey Goodman
Harvey E. Goodman
Chevron Fellow
Rock Mechanics & Mechanical Earth Modeling


Paul Roege
Paul E. Roege
COL (Retired)
Partner, Creative Erg
Energy & Educational Consulting

Corvallis, MT


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